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Cigarette Pack Scanning at Retail Delivery

Help couriers achieve on time delivery and maintain end-to-end traceability

Cigarette Pack Scanning at Retail Delivery

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To combat counterfeiting and to comply with strict regulatory requirements, it is essential to track and trace tobacco products from manufacturer all the way to point of sale. Tracking cigarette cartons and packs in delivery vehicles presents a unique challenge. Delivery drivers require a fast and convenient solution that will help them keep up with their busy delivery schedules. Scanning each cigarette carton or pack by hand can be burdensome due to the sheer volume of codes to read. Poorly lit environments and glare from the plastic film wrapping can also affect scanning speed.

Cognex image-based barcode readers help speed up retail deliveries. DataMan fixed-mount readers mounted inside utility doors help couriers rapidly scan codes. The large field of view capture codes as they are waved under the reader and the powerful lighting provides the required code contrast to ensure maximum readability. Audible and visual indicators on the device provide performance feedback for each package to ensure a successful scan. With industry-leading read rates, the DataMan readers help drivers complete deliveries efficiently and accurately. In delivery situations where a more mobile solution is preferred or when backup scanning devices are necessary, the Cognex MX-1502 mobile terminal delivers, DataMan 374, or DataMan 262 fast scan rates across wide angles and lighting conditions in a convenient, portable package.