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Detect defects in package assembly and wrapping

Machine vision system inspecting vaccine kit packaging


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Once kitting is complete and the leaflet is present, the vaccine kit box is closed. At this stage, it is important to look for tabs sticking out (dog ears), rips, corner damage, oil spots, insufficient sealing, and other package defects, to prevent contamination and breakage, and guarantee quality. Modern pharmaceutical secondary packaging includes a variety of security, tamper-resistance, and anti-counterfeiting features, and can include cardboard, plastic, and other materials.

If the package is shrink wrapped after closing, it is important to check that it is wrapped correctly. If the vaccine kit is oversealed, the wrapping may burn or melt leaving holes in the package. If undersealed, the wrapping may come loose during shipment or handling.

Manual inspection is error prone and cannot be accomplished at the required speeds. Automated inspection is essential.

This application is solved with a combination of deep learning and conventional rule-based vision algorithms. Combining these toolsets, Cognex Deep Learning is able to find, capture, and classify complex defects such as broken or void seals, underseal, and other anomalies, at various orientations. The defect detection tool is designed to detect cosmetic and dimensional defects in both packaging and wrapping at high speeds under manufacturing conditions.

Completing this inspection using advanced automation ensures product sterility and reduces dependence on manual and expensive inspection processes.

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