Prefilled Syringe Pad Printing Inspection

Ensure that syringe graduation marks are complete and in the right position

Pad printing defects detected on a syringe barrel


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Numbers and graduation marks are printed on the side of the syringe barrel using pad printing, also called tampography. Printing on a curved surface is a mature technology but verifying printing on a curved transparent 360-degree surface is quite challenging.

Once the graduation marks and numbers are printed on the barrel, it is important to verify that the printing is in the correct place on the syringe barrel and that there are no smears, gaps, or blots. The entire outside of the barrel must be checked for any out-of-place printing.

Cognex Deep Learning is an ideal solution for this application since it handles a wide variation of detects. The defect detection tool learns the various ink transfer problems on the curved and reflective surface of the syringe barrel and then identifies any places where ink is too thick, too thin, or smeared. Using High Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+) technology and pattern matching software, it eliminates glare and improves contrast, improving the speed of automated pad printing inspection. HDR+ differs from standard HDR as it can be done with a single acquisition at high-speed on moving parts, whereas standard HDR would need to be stationary and capture multiple images to obtain the same results.

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