ViDi Deep Learning Suite

The ViDi Deep Learning Standard class gives students an introduction to the first ready-to-use deep learning-based software dedicated to industrial image analysis. Cognex ViDi Suite is a field-tested, optimized and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set of algorithms in machine learning.

Part Number: TRN-DL-CGNX-STD

Continuing Education Units

Cognex’s Education Services has been recognized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Accredited provider of CEUs.

Participants will earn 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after successful completion of this training event provided they are an active participant throughout the training event, and are in attendance for 100% of the training event’s designated training hours.


Training Manuals

ViDi Deep Learning Standard Training Manual (340.0.0 - 2 Day)
ViDi Deep Learning Standard Lab Manual (340.0.0 - 2 Day)


VisionPro Deep Learning 1.0.1


VisionPro ViDi Lab 2-1 Images - Textiles
VisionPro ViDi Lab 3-1 Images - Textures
VisionPro ViDi Lab 4-1 and 7-1 Images - Medical Screw
VisionPro ViDi Lab 4-2 - Chocolates
VisionPro ViDi Lab 5-1 Workspace - Label OCR
VisionPro ViDi Lab 5-2 Images - OCR
VisionPro ViDi Lab 6-1 Images - Classify
VisionPro ViDi Lab 6-2 and 7-2 Images - Solder
VisionPro ViDi Final Lab Images

After this training event, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the underlying concepts of AI as applicable to ViDi
  • Identify the System and Licensing requirements to run ViDi on your computer
  • Demonstrate how to setup the ViDi tool
  • Configure a Red tool in Supervised and Unsupervised Mode
  • Configure a Blue tool to locate parts
  • Configure a Green tool to classify parts
  • Run multiple tools in series for complex inspections
  1. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows environment
  1. Intro to ViDi Deep Learning
  2. Red (Analyze) Tool
  3. Blue (Locate) Tool
  4. Blue (Read) Tool
  5. Green (Classify) Tool
  6. Tool Chaining


The detailed content may vary from country to country.


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