Training Opportunities

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Cognex training can help you optimize your manufacturing process and increase organizational expertise. Through its global training organization, Cognex maintains classroom facilities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, offering a variety of courses lasting one to four days for basic and advanced users. Topics include learning the fundamentals of machine vision and exploring the real-world applications of complex tools.

Training at Cognex or Your Facility

You can attend regularly scheduled training courses at Cognex Customer Education Centers located worldwide. For groups of six or more, all Cognex classes are available on-site so that your team can work together at your facility. Cognex can bring the necessary equipment to your facility for a complete Cognex training experience.

Hands-On Lab Exercises

"Actions speak louder than words" and our commitment to helping students actually DO things with our equipment in our training events is second to none. All of our training courses are meticulously designed to allow students to touch the equipment, tools, settings, and code that they will learn during class time.

Virtual Training Events

To save time and money, you can attend a full featured Cognex training event from the comfort of your office or home. Each virtual training event covers all of the course topics from our in-person training events. In many cases you can use your own computer, or log into one of the many computers at the ready in one of our Cognex Customer Education Centers located worldwide.

On-Demand Training

The MyCognex portal lets you access concise how-to video clips, interactive tutorials, application examples, and lighting and optics videos.

Visit to create your MyCognex account, manage your Cognex products and browse our extensive library of training and support resources.

Training Service Packages

By combining key training classes and system-integration services into a training service package, Cognex can help focus and accelerate your learning. Our most popular packages described below, address common customer challenges and provide significant value. These packages can be customized to suit your needs.

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