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Industry-specific Solutions

Industry Specific Solutions

Semiconductor Software

Cognex offers two PC-based software development environments: CVL® (Cognex Vision Library) and VisionPro®. Both systems include a wide range of powerful Cognex vision tools, from low-level filters to sophisticated wafer and die alignment and inspection tools. In addition, CVL and VisionPro give you total hardware independence—delivering superior tool performance no matter which camera, frame grabber or direct-connect digital standard you use.
  • CVL C++ Software Library


    CVL delivers the highest performance machine vision library from Cognex, with an object oriented C++ API for hundreds of powerful vision tools. This development environment is intended for professional vision programmers who must meet the most demanding performance requirements.

    CVL includes many advanced tools specifically targeted at the semiconductor and electronics industries. In addition, customers who use application specific packages can utilize CVL to extend their applications for LED, touch screen
    display and Photovoltaic Solar panel manufacturing.


    VisionPro Vision Software


    The VisionPro development environment offers a wide range of vision tools for object location, defect inspection, gauging and part identification, as well as specialized functions specific to semiconductor and electronics applications.

    The Cognex vision tool library featured in VisionPro provides comprehensive and robust industrial-grade vision software tools. These tools are optimized to deliver high-speed, high-accuracy solutions, and are based on over 30 years of Cognex experience in more than 750,000 installations worldwide.

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    Frame Grabbers & Cameras


    No matter which software development environment you use, Cognex frame grabbers provide fast, reliable image acquisition for the most demanding machine vision applications. Designed with pipelined processing for low latency and high throughput, Cognex frame grabbers support standard image sources, including analog, digital, color, monochrome, area scan, line scan, high resolution, multi-channel and multiplexed acquisition.

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