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Barcodes are machine readable symbols that store identifying data about the part or product with which they are associated. Barcode technologies provide fast reliable data collection to ensure part or product traceability, error-proof assembly processes, and enhance customer service.

What is Barcode Symbology?

A barcode symbology refers to the way in which data is encoded, either with spaced lines, dots, or squares. These symbols when read by a barcode scanner, are decoded, recorded, and processed to extract the data for a variety of uses (e.g., pricing, order fulfillment, traceability through production, sortation, shipping, etc.).

Below are some of the most common barcode symbologies.

Одномерные линейные штрихкоды

Линейный штрихкод (одномерный) является наиболее распространенным штрихкодом. Кодирование информации в штриховом коде основано на ширине штрихов и промежутков, которые выстроены горизонтально, а считывание сканером осуществляется слева направо

Виды кодов:

Двухмерные матричные штрихкоды

В двухмерном матричном коде данные кодируются в виде черных и белых «клеток», расположенных в квадратном или прямоугольном образе. Помимо возможности кодирования больших объемов данных, матричный код улучшает их читабельность и устойчивость к плохой печати.

Виды кодов:

Postal Codes

The postal code symbology lies somewhere in between a 2-D and 1-D linear barcode. Instead of encoding the data in the black bar and white space widths, postal codes primarily use the height of the bars. The majority of postal codes only use numbers, but some are now starting to include letters as well.

Code Types:

Stacked Linear Barcodes

The stacked linear barcode symbology features one or two types of 2-D barcodes. These consist of multiple linear barcodes that are layered on top of one another, allowing a greater amount of information to be encoded. However, to fully decode the data, a barcode reader must be able to simultaneously read the code both horizontally and vertically. The stacking of the codes makes barcodes more versatile and allows them to encode a larger amount of information within a smaller space than most other bar codes.

Code Types:

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