In-Sight Explorer Software

The In-Sight 9000 vision system uses In-Sight Explorer software with EasyBuilder to set up and monitor machine vision inspections on a mobile, platform independent visualization. A simple point-and-click interface allows customers to build interactive, web-based HMIs remotely accessible via a web browser over the network. Operators can view inspections, controls engineers can modify parameters, and plant managers can review performance statistics.

Easy Set-Up with In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder Interface

In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder is an intuitive interface that guides operators through a step-by-step setup process to quickly configure vision applications without any required programming. With EasyBuilder, even novice vision users can easily set up, configure, and install a vision sensor.

Ultimate Control with Spreadsheet

While many applications can be solved using the point-and-click EasyBuilder interface, users can access the In-Sight spreadsheet for direct access to the vision tools and communication options. Access to the spreadsheet provides programming flexibility to make essential adjustments and offers assurance that you will be able to solve any vision application.

IS9000 Software

In-Sight Vision Tools

Blob Tools

Blob tool count finds defect

Blob tools are used to detect features have similar shades of grey scale. Blob is very useful for quantifying defect sizes or for locating features that do not have a repeatable shape. Blob can be used for monochrome and color images to quantify the amount of a particular color present.

Edge & InspectEdge Tools

Edge tools finds missing piece

Edge tools are used to detect dark and light transitions on a part. Edge tool results can be used to measure distances and can also be used to inspect by counting the number of edges found. Edges can also be used to detect and measure circles and arcs. The InspectEdge tool tracks an edge of a part to inspect for defects.

Flaw Detection Tools

Flaw detection tool finding misprinted 0

The Flaw Detection tools, including Flex Flaw and Surface Flaw, are used to inspect contours and the surface area of parts. These advanced technologies are able to adapt to variations in lighting and in part appearance.

Geometry Tools

Geometry tools on metal manufactured part

Geometry tools are used to measure critical dimensions of a part with point-and-click simplicity. Angles, arcs, diameters and point-to-line distances use real world calibration to provide accurate and repeatable results.

Histogram Tools

Histogram tools on makeup pallet

Histograms are used to inspect or monitor features of parts based on brightness.

ID Tools

ID tool reads vertical 1d barcode

In-Sight features PowerGrid and Hotbars, the Industry leading algorithms for Barcode reading, that help achieve the highest read rates for 1D and 2D Barcodes, including challenging Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes.

Image Filtering Tools

Image tools inspecting spice cap

Advanced image filtering is used to highlight features or remove features of parts before doing additional processing with other vision tools. For color cameras, true 24-bit color filters are available.

Optical Character Recognition Tools

OCR tools

The OCV/OCR tool segments, extracts and trains fonts for optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV) of characters in an image. The font trainable tool accurately reads low-contrast or unevenly-spaced characters on confusing backgrounds.

Pattern Matching Tools

Pattern matching tools on complicated metal parts on busy background

Locating a part accurately is the first step in most vision applications. Cognex's industry leading pattern matching technologies, such as PatMax RedLine, provide unmatched accuracy and robustness, even with rotation, scale and lighting variations.

Color Pattern Matching Tool


Color PatMax RedLine locates parts based on shape and color allowing you to not only locate the model but also find the specific color of the model trained. This tool runs on the color image to create a more robust pattern finding model.

Color Tools

Color tools identifying orange liquid

Color tools are used to identify and inspect objects based on color data and also measure by evaluating the amount of color pixels present. Advanced color vision technology maintains accuracy even with lighting variations that can cause problems for traditional color vision systems.



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