Pallet Scanning on Warehouse Arrival

Reliably read codes through shrink wrap and across a range of lighting conditions

Image-based barcode reader with steerable mirror reads codes on shipping pallets

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DataMan 470 Series

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Стационарные считыватели штрихкодов

Считыватели штрихкодов с технологией машинного зрения столь же просты и доступны, как и лазерные сканеры

Pallets arrive at tobacco distribution warehouses with multiple codes covered in shrink wrap that must be accurately read in order to receive the goods and to continue to track and trace the products along the supply chain. Reflections from the shrink wrap around the pallets make it difficult to read the codes. Poor lighting conditions and reading codes from varying heights and distances can also slow down processing.

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The DataMan 470 barcode reader combined with the High-Speed Steerable Mirror accessory, scans pallets as easily as boxes. With a large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view, this solution captures labels on pallets and large packages from short working distances quickly and accurately, even when they are degraded, torn, or covered in plastic wrap. Achieving up to a 99.95% readability rate, the DataMan 470 and High-Speed Steerable Mirror solution delivers a cost-effective solution that increases a distribution facility’s pallet processing efficiency, lowers costs associated with manually processing unreadable codes, and increases traceability within the supply chain.

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