E-cigarette Flavor Pod Counting

Accurately count packages to ensure the correct quantity is shipped to retailers

E-cigarette Flavor Pod Counting

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не имеют равных по возможностям проверки, идентификации и направления деталей.

E-cigarette flavor pods or vape pen cartridges are packaged in small cardboard boxes that contain single or multiple refill pods. This process is currently not fully automated. Operators manually fill bins with the pod boxes and use a weighing scale to determine the quantity. Because the boxes are very light weight, this process does not always provide an accurate count and can result in the wrong quantity being shipped to retailers. Alternatively, operators manually count the contents, which can also easily result in miscounts and takes a long time.

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Cognex’s In-Sight 9912 vision system offers a solution to automate this counting step. Each box contains markings, such as a logo, product name, or numerical code. When the bin is presented to the camera, the In-Sight 9912 uses PatMax object location technology to quickly locate chosen markings, or patterns, and count the number found in the bins. The system’s large field of view and high-resolution optics are ideal for large bins and long working distances. The In-Sight 9912 shows the results on a display screen or web-enabled HMI, such as a tablet or laptop, so the operator can see the inspection results.

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