Tax Stamp OCR Code Inspection

Accurately read OCR codes and verify data to ensure regulatory compliance

Cigarette Tax Stamp OCR Code Inspection

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A cigarette tax stamp is an adhesive label that is applied to the cigarette pack as proof of tax payment. Tobacco manufacturers purchase sheets from the government that each contain 100 tax stamps. The sheets are a significant upfront expense for tobacco manufacturers and make up approximately three quarters of the overall cost of the cigarette pack.

Cigarette makers print small OCR codes on the tax stamp sheets that contain information on the weight, price, manufacturing location, and contents of each pack. These codes must be read and verified. A single production run could use between 1,000 and 2,000 sheets. If even one character is wrong, missing, or defective, the machine must stop with the sheet then removed, logged, and destroyed.

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Cognex’s In-Sight 7800 series vision systems accurately read OCR codes on cigarette tax stamps to help tobacco manufacturers comply with strict tobacco regulations. The In-Sight 7905 uses the PatMax object location tool to find and fixture on a pattern on the stamp. It then uses the Histogram and OCR tools to locate characters and read OCR codes. The In-Sight 7905 operates flawlessly at small working distances, capturing and inspecting high-resolution, high-contrast, undistorted images on high-speed printing machines.

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