Cold Chain Storage and Distribution

Minimize package contact while rapidly routing perishable vaccines and medications

Barcode reader reading Data Matrix code on vaccine kit boxes

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370 barcode reader held by hand

Стационарные считыватели штрихкодов

Считыватели штрихкодов с технологией машинного зрения столь же просты и доступны, как и лазерные сканеры

Man holding Cognex DataMan 370

DataMan 370 Series

Fixed-mount barcode readers deliver superior read performance for the broadest range of applications.

Pharmaceutical distribution centers increasingly operate at high speeds and need to handle high volumes of vaccines. Cold chain management makes processing large volumes of perishable vaccines more difficult. Cold and humidity increase wrinkling and damage on labels, decreasing barcode readability. Regardless of the challenges, these barcodes must be reliably read to ensure end-to-end traceability.

Many cold chain centers currently rely on conventional handheld laser barcode scanners. Laser scanners in refrigerated cold chain storage environments often require multiple read attempts and do not reliably read damaged codes or codes under reflective material. Operators must wear gloves for protection from the cold and to prevent contamination, making operating handheld scanners quite cumbersome. All this adds to the difficulties of working and maneuvering in a low temperature environment and reduces throughput.

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Switching to a fixed-mount barcode reader, where the reader is mounted and the worker presents the package to the barcode reader before placing it in its shipping container, makes an operator’s job easier and faster. The result is increased throughput, fewer touch points, and decreased rework resulting from no reads.

Cognex image-based fixed mount barcode readers operate reliably at freezing temperatures. They feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, autofocus, and sophisticated decoding algorithms to achieve 99.9% read rates, and immediately flag defective or poor-quality codes for resolution. DataMan barcode readers ensure full traceability for cold chain management, while speeding perishable products on their way.

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