Skewed label inspection

Ensure food or beverage product label alignment is correct

failed skewed label inspection on bottles

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During the food and beverage industry manufacturing process, labels can be applied to products through a number of methods such as print and apply, laser marking, and thermal inkjet printing. When manufacturing at high speeds or on small, hard to mark products, labels can drift and change orientation over time. Poorly applied labels can lead to misaligned text, over-print, and other issues that impact legibility and label alignment on a product. Without visual inspection to ensure alignment, food and beverage manufacturers can incur unwanted waste, costly rework, chargebacks, and non-compliance penalties related to industry and retailer marking and label regulations.

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By using In-Sight vision systems, food and beverage manufacturers can ensure labels are correctly positioned on the product and avoid product quality recalls or brand damage. Likewise, automated inspections identify errors before a misaligned label creates issues further along the supply chain. The label alignment inspection can be coupled with optical character recognition (OCR) and other In-Sight vision tools to ensure overall label legibility and compliance.

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