Glue Bead Dispensing Alignment

Quickly and accurately align a machine’s dispensing head to a pre-trained ideal location

Glue Bead Dispensing Alignment

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Compact, powerful, and easy-to-use vision sensors for robot and stage alignment applications.

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Part Location with PatMax

Accurate and repeatable part and feature location technology

Glue compounds are used to attach components in electronic devices, such as sealing lids and housing grooves during assembly. To accurately attach components on an automated, high-volume production line, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require vision-guided motion control to quickly and accurately align a machine’s dispensing head/needle to a pre-trained ideal location, or “golden pose,” without causing damage.

Because fiducials serve as the primary reference position during PCB assembly, it is critical for OEMs to be able to locate them and translate this information to the dispensing machine accurately and repeatedly. Accurately locating fiducials, even under challenging optical conditions and part-to-part variations is the key to achieving accurate alignment and good dispensing results.

Additionally, the vision system needs to communicate the alignment results in real world coordinates, calibrated to the motion system. The process normally involves a time-consuming, multi-step calibration process and the expertise of a vision developer.

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Cognex offers golden pose alignment capabilities with its all-in-one, compact AlignSight alignment sensor. A single camera with onboard pattern-matching and edge-finding vision technology locates the target’s features based on either fiducial markings or edges, then translates results to auto-calibrated motion coordinates. This allows the machine to align the dispenser to a pre-trained starting position, or “golden pose,” repeatedly and with very high accuracy, eliminating the need for a multiple alignment cycles. The AlignSight sensor’s simple, pre-programmed design simplifies configuration, reduces the need for extensive programming and integration, and deploys quickly on the factory floor.

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