Foreign Body Inspection of Cosmetic Containers

Ensure that even the most minute inclusions are absent from cosmetics

Overhead vision system inspecting the contents of open cosmetic containers for contaminants as they pass by on a conveyor.

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Cosmetic jars for beauty creams and moisturizers need to have their interiors inspected before they are filled. There can be many forms of contamination, including dust particles, pieces of fabric, and insects or insect parts, particularly at manufacturing facilities with limited capability for fully filtering incoming air.

Cosmetics and other beauty products are high-value personal products. In addition to delivering top notch products, cosmetic companies differentiate themselves through high quality brand packaging.

Any contamination will have a strong negative effect on consumers, likely leading to a decision not to repurchase the brand. It can also lead to recalls, and the spread of brand-damaging images on social media. But it is costly to manually inspect every cosmetic jar, and traditional machine vision often misses inclusions and other contamination or generates false positives of acceptable appearance variations against the dark jar surface, particularly when industrial lighting creates reflections. Defects or inclusions can occur anywhere on the jar’s interior surface. Once the jar is filled, the contamination is concealed until the consumer discovers it.

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By using Cognex High Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+) algorithms with Cognex AI-based technology and tools, you can easily detect even minor inclusions in a cosmetic jar or other dark container. Cognex vision systems with HDR+ are equipped with sensors that create images with 16 times the detail of conventional sensors. HDR+ can handle inspections of objects with varying brightness to reveal details in both darker and lighter areas. This improvement in both image quality and contrast makes it easier to detect even the most minute inclusions.

Cognex AI tools are trained on HDR+ enhanced images of acceptable cosmetic jars. The defect detection tool then notes any anomalies in the jar interior, such as inclusions, cracks, or problems with the jar itself, while passing jars with minor cosmetic imperfections that do not impact aesthetic or functional aspects when filled.


  • Detect unwanted inclusions in cosmetic containers
  • Ensure 100% quality control
  • Prevent consumer dissatisfaction


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