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Cap inspection

Detect cap placement issues and prevent spillage

Cap Inspection of detergent using laser profiling

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DS1000 side view held by hand

Лазерные 3D-датчики смещения серии DS1000

обеспечивают трехмерную проверку вашей продукции.

In-Sight Laser Profiler

Лазерный профилировщик In-Sight

Простая в эксплуатации измерительная система для проверки и верификации размеров изделий

Bottle manufacturers fill, cap, and seal products rapidly as they move along high-speed assembly lines. After liquid fill levels are inspected for uniformity, it is important to determine whether the cap is placed correctly and the safety ring is properly torqued. Caps that are not properly sealed compromise safety and quality and damage brand loyalty. Also, before boxes are sealed for shipment, bottle caps must be properly sealed to prevent spillage during shipping.

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Cognex vision systems verify cap height and skew with multi-dimensional imaging. In-Sight vision systems with edge detection technology measure the distance between the top of the cap and the neck of the bottle, as well as the horizontal position of the top of the cap, to confirm they meet the programmable limit. In this way, the vision system determines whether the cap is screwed on tightly to the safety seal. Bottles which fail the cap height and skew inspection are rejected.

3D laser displacement sensors optimize product quality by providing accurate, micron-level 3D inspection. A laser displacement sensor placed above open boxes uses 3D measurements to ensure that the cap on every bottle inside is properly positioned. Mis-assembled caps are flagged before the box is closed and placed on a truck for delivery. This helps avoid spills and quarantines defective product before it leaves the facility.

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