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Fixed-mount barcode scanners speed up PCB tracking and testing stations for Samsung

Samsung electronics manufacturing inspection with cognex dataman 150

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370 barcode reader held by hand

Стационарные считыватели штрихкодов

Считыватели штрихкодов с технологией машинного зрения столь же просты и доступны, как и лазерные сканеры

Traditionally, Samsung of South Korea, would utilize manual labor to read the barcodes of two PCBs (printed circuit boards) at a time along the production line. Manual scanning took a lot of time as employees needed 20 to 30 seconds to complete the scanning process. Each barcode was input into the system and then PCB testing was performed. Because the manual scanning process was slow, the overall system testing time was slow, reducing efficiency. With the help of Shenzhen Xihai Data Acquisition System Co., Ltd. of China, Samsung considered using readers to automate the scanning process.

The Cognex DataMan® 100 barcode scanner was chosen because of its wide viewing angle and its ability to see and scan codes at extreme angles. During the production process, the barcodes are placed onto two wires on the circuit board forming a 30 degree angle. The previously used readers could not provide accurate reads at the given distances and angles. The DataMan 100, on the other hand, could satisfy these customer requirements.

After the DataMan 100 was trialed on four production lines, it replaced the manual barcode scanning station, and increased production volumes by 20-30%. Because of these excellent results, Samsung is also considering using the DataMan 100 to track other parts along their production line.

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