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Complete traceability of surgical instruments using White Reader, based on the Cognex DataMan

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Стационарные считыватели штрихкодов

Считыватели штрихкодов с технологией машинного зрения столь же просты и доступны, как и лазерные сканеры

Based on the Cognex DataMan® industrial ID reader, the White Reader offers unrivalled reading performance of Data Matrix codes in a compact format. Equipped with a patented three-color lighting system specially developed for surgical instruments, it reads all Data Matrix codes efficiently, including those that are damaged, three times faster than other readers on the market.

Identification technologies, tried and tested in other industries, now offer real potential previously unexploited in hospitals. ID code reading can ensure the individual monitoring of instruments during the sterilization process, re-compile instrument sets for use in operating rooms and create a link between the instruments used with the patient file. Medical and pharmaceutical equipment is beginning to be regularly marked with Data Matrix codes, which provide extra security and data protection.

With the Cognex DataMan code reader inside, the White Reader, developed and manufactured by ATH Medical of France, permits the effective creation of full inventories of surgical instruments with 100% reliable traceability. Sterilization department managers are virtually guaranteed a zero error rate in re-compiling sets of instruments; and hospital financial managers can find out the exact status of their establishment's instruments in real-time.

Patented three-color lighting, specially developed for surgical instruments

Complex shapes, variable types of surface and engraving, etc., presents a range of complex lighting problems for reading Data Matrix codes on surgical instruments. The White Reader offers three different lighting configurations for the immediate and effective reading of all Data Matrix codes, including damaged ones, marked on medical and pharmaceutical equipment. The use of three-color lighting optimizes the contrast between the imager and the surface of the instrument, ensuring a clear image that is easily decoded by the camera; whatever the instrument type (shape, colour, finishing material, type of engraving):
  • Green to read codes engraved using a laser.
  • Red to decode dot peen codes on shiny and convex surfaces.
  • Blue to decode dot peen codes on matt and flat surfaces.

Easy to use and reads codes three times faster

The White Reader is mounted on an adjustable stand which means that users can keep their hands free when re-compiling instrument sets and facilitates the organization of the work surface. It also has a viewing window which makes it easy to see when a code is placed in front of the camera lens correctly, increasing the read speed and performance.

Thanks to all of these features the White Reader reads a typical set of surgical instruments three times faster than other readers on the market.

White Reader saves time

The White Reader has been tested by numerous professionals who have appreciated its ease-of-use, the way it integrates extremely well into the inspection process and the improved productivity that has resulted from its introduction. Annick Illtis, Sterilization Manager at the Centre Hospitalier de Longjumeau, comments: "Time has been saved since the reader performs well and can read the three types of codes we currently use in our field. We chose the White Reader for its reading speed which we were able to compare with our current readers, as well as for its ergonomic design."

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