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Deep Learning at the Edge

Bringing the Power of Deep Learning to Everyone

Deep learning at the edge, more informally referred to as “edge learning,” takes the best of deep learning and makes it easy-to-use for all – from machine vision beginners to experts.

The technology combines rule-based machine vision within a set of pre-trained deep learning algorithms to create a fully integrated, ready-to-deploy toolset for factory automation. Edge leaning does not require specialized knowledge of either machine vision or deep learning. Instead, line engineers can train the solution based on their existing knowledge.

Download the white paper to learn how you can implement this innovative technology to:

  • Achieve deployment in minutes, using as few as five to ten training images
  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing resources
  • Improve product quality through optimized defect detection
  • Simplify automation of complex applications

edge learning white paper flipbook image

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