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DataMan quickly and accurately reads multiple perspective barcode information from an object

State Tobacco inspection using four cognex dataman

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In January 1982, China National Tobacco Corporation was established. In September 1983, the State Council issued the Regulations on Tobacco Monopoly, and formally established a national tobacco monopoly system to carry out the centralized management of “human, wealth, material, production, supply, marketing, internal external trade" in the national tobacco industry, and to implement the unified leadership, vertical management, monopoly franchise management system. Modern tobacco advocates precise sorting, achieve traceability, rogatory operation for cigarettes of each tobacco store. Therefore, the actual data and order content of cigarette bar must be accurately compared before packaging when the cigarette bars pass by the production line of sorting equipment.

Graphic Identification Function solves the shallow understanding of barcode

Affected by the inherent conditions of the production line of the Company, there are multiple of cigarette products close together in the high-speed transmission in the production line, with a transmission speed of an average of 20 per second. Therefore, before entering the packaging machine, cigarette bars must be collated by the separation mechanism before transferred to the reader for reading. But the cigarette bars would occur varying degrees of skew in the direction, and the bar code would often appear in its any position because of different types, different materials of the cigarette bars, and the bar code will be reflected in arbitrary sizes. Therefore, the acquisition of the bar code on the cigarette bars is a very difficult thing in the production line.

DataMan 500 reader is capable of reading challenging one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar codes, with enhanced 1DMax + and 2DMax + decoding algorithm. In addition, Hotbars technology enables DataMan 500 reader to not only enjoy a higher reading rate on damaged one-dimensional bar codes at a faster speed, but also provide a variety of optical options, in order to obtain the maximum depth of field. The system uses multiple read-only readers coordinating together, which can resolve all problems of bar code reading of cigarette bars beautifully.

Guarantee to Provide Customers with 100% of Data Collection

Before that, China Tobacco Monopoly Administration did not carry out data acquisition comparison of cigarette bars before packaging channels, so it cannot prevent subcontracting errors in the sorting process, which led to customer complaints and resulted in serious loss. The safe and reliable read function of DataMan 500 of Cognex solves this problem excellently. Because DataMan 500 is safe and reliable in terms of subcontracting confirmation and traceability of distribution data of cigarette bars, it is capable of reading the bar code on each cigarette bar by 100%.

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