Tecnologia de Ponta

Machine Vision

Patented Vision and Barcode Reading Technologies

Cognex pioneered some of the earliest commercial applications for machine vision with its vision and barcode reading technology. Today, companies around the world rely on Cognex technology to guide assembly, automate inspection, and speed production and distribution. Our patented algorithms produce solutions for diverse applications in virtually all manufacturing and logistics industry sectors.

Cognex Leading Technology

Tecnologias de Leitura de Código de Barras e Visão Industrial Líderes da Indústria

1DMax with Hotbars

Omnidirectional barcode reading optimized for damaged or distorted 1-D codes

2DMax with PowerGrid

Advanced algorithms read 2-D codes with defective quiet zones, finder and clocking patterns

Advanced Color Tools

24-bit color resolution extracts and matches 16 million color variations for sortation and inspection

Cognex Connect

Supports the complete set of standard networking protocols to easily integrate vision systems and barcode readers

Cognex Explorer Control Center

Unique utility displays all Cognex products connected to your network

DataMan Setup Tool

Simplifies installation and operation of image-based barcode readers

Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis

Cognex ViDi Suite combines AI with vision software to solve complex inspections, part location, classification, and OCR

High Dynamic Range Plus

Advanced imaging technology for greater depth-of-field, faster line speeds, and improved code handling

In-Sight Explorer with EasyBuilder

Intuitive configuration environment guides users through a step-by-step setup process

Liquid Lens Technology

Enables barcode readers to automatically adapt to changes in working distances with no moving parts


Font-trainable OCR and OCV tool accurately reads low-contrast or unevenly spaced characters

Patmax Object Location

The industry gold standard for part and feature location provides accuracy and repeatability

SurfaceFX Feature Extraction

Isolates raised or embossed features for accurate inspections of stamped text and codes

TestRun Validation Utility

Refines, tests and verifies inspection results automatically for increased confidence in inspection results

Xpand Technology

Expands barcode reader field of view by over 50% while maintaining read rates




Os representantes da Cognex estão disponíveis em todas as regiões do mundo para ajudar com as suas necessidades de visão e leitura industrial de códigos de barras

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