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Fabricante de bloco do motor usa o VisionPro para garantir a rastreabilidade do produto

computer in factory cognex character identification Fritz Winter Eisengiesserei GmbH

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Engine block manufacturer Fritz Winter Eisengiesserei GmbH of Stadtallendorf, Germany recently procured an intelligent vision system from Visolution GmbH to ensure it always has a clear view across all its processes. Using Cognex VisionPro® vision software, serial numbers are detected without error and the company ensures complete product traceability.

To maintain the ability to identify the engine blocks from the foundry through to the final machining stage, each one is assigned a serial number. Engraved into the negative molds, a three-dimensional identifier is created in casting based on ten different alphanumeric characters. If quality issues arise, the specific product can be analyzed so that entire product batches do not have to be classed as suspect. This offers great benefits in terms of saved time and expense.

Visolution GmbH company, based in Kandel, Germany installed a small but high-precision vision system capable of checking several hundred engine blocks a day, with no maintenance requirement. The Visolution inspection station is based on a 3D system with variable threshold values. This greatly enhances the character recognition accuracy. Even if the distance and position of the engine blocks varies slightly, the vision system registers the serial numbers quickly and reliably. The interaction of the camera, the red spotlighting illumination and VisionPro software provides fast, error-free visual checking of serial numbers.

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