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Are you TPD Compliant?

Cognex Track-and-Trace, Reporting, Synchronization, and Audit Compliance Solutions

Cognex EU Tobacco Products Directive Solutions 

With 30 years of experience providing comprehensive barcode reading solutions, Cognex understands the unique scanning and data capture needs of supply chain operators. Cognex’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Solution aggregates and tracks barcode reader data as tobacco products are packaged, arrive at storage and distribution facilities, are repackaged for distribution, and are sent out for final delivery. Cognex readers and INEXTEND software integrate easily into warehouses, picking lines, and delivery vehicles to ensure complete TPD compliance at every step.   
Cognex EU Tobacco Products Directive Solutions

Cognex TPD Solutions ensure end-to-end traceability for TPD compliance:

Cognex TPD Solution for Side Reading on Conveyer Picking Line

Side Reading on Picking Line

Reads cigarette pack codes on both sides of the conveyor, stopping the belt in the event of a bad read. INEXTEND software tracks and syncs all scans with EU government systems.

Cognex TPD Solution for Pallet Scanning on Arrival

Pallet Scanning on Arrival

Reads codes on pallets arriving at warehouses delivering exceptional code reading performance through shrink wrap and across a range of lighting conditions.

Cognex TPD Solution for Case Packing and Aggregation

Case Packing and Aggregation

Scans codes on each carton packed into a case. INEXTEND software verifies the case contents match the shipping labels before being dispatched for delivery.

Cognex TPD Solution for Pack Dispatch for Delivery

Pack Dispatch for Delivery

Scans each carton before dispatch. INEXTEND software aggregates the data and synchronizes with systems installed inside delivery vans to ensure accurate dispatch.

Cognex TPD Solution for Presentation Scanning During Delivery

Presentation Scanning During Delivery

Helps drivers complete deliveries efficiently and accurately. INEXTEND software provides detailed package information, automated tracking, and audit capabilities.

INEXTEND by INEXTO for TPD Compliance


INEXTEND software aggregates and synchronizes data from your Cognex device via a cloud interface, then transmits that data to EU systems for tracking and auditing.