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2D Vision Standalone SystemsUnparalleled performance in component identification, identification and navigation.

Cognex In-Sight ® Unified Vision systems are hard to detect in terms of their ability to monitor. Identifying and navigating parts This industry-grade vision system comes with built-in features that include advanced Vision Tools stores and high-speed capture and processing technologies. Available in a variety of models. Including line scan and color scheme. The price and performance solution is the most perfect.

  • Vision powerful tools. The algorithm's PatMax ® , PatMax the Redline  , IDMax ® , And OCRMax ™.
  • Vision Tools for easy-to-install, easy-to-use color-based color images.
  • EasyBuilder ® user interface for quick and easy program installation.
  • Display results in spreadsheet format for easy and streamlined operation.
  • The device is available in a variety of models. Including standard housing IP67
  • Optional options for lenses and lighting. Including autofocus and integrated lighting.
  • Capture speed up to 400 frames per second.
  • Resolution up to 5 megapixels

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Vision Sensor Reliable sensor visions provide detection to prevent errors for every industry.

The latest In-Sight 2000 It eliminates general error checking. And set a new standard for value. Ease of use And it is highly flexible. In-Sight 2000 is the first sensor vision that combines the following features: In-Sight's Powerful In-Sight Engines - Ensure reliable monitoring performance in a single-installation environment. Easy to install with EasyBuilder - intuitive setup interface, just point and click. Adjustable illumination and optics in actual installation locations - Easy to adapt to any production line environment without the need for additional lighting. Split device design - either in the production line or at the right angle. Increased maximum flexibility for limited installation.  Ask for price Download the product guide.

3D Vision Systems 3D Certified Laser Probe for Product Inspection

3D Laser Sensors for Measurement that Improves Product Quality by Providing Your Three-Dimensional Product Inspection Unlike the traditional 2D Vision systems, Cognex 3D profilers display object diagrams with 3D features such as volume, area, height, slope, circle adjustment, and curvature. These industrial sensors come with Cognex Designer's vision control software and world-class 2D and 3D vision controllers.

  • The Cognex 3D laser sensor for measuring tasks has been factory calibrated to deliver results in the exact unit of measurement with precision micron level. Equipped with OCR technology that recognizes characters by light when encountering letters raised from the surface or embossed characters.
  • Micron precision calibration using real unit (mm)
  • Provides contrast-independent detection: Dark objects on a black background.
  • Integrate 3D sensors and 2D cameras with world-class 3D & 2D Vision Tools: PatMax, IDMax and OCRMax algorithms
  • IP65 Industrial Standard Housing: Available in IP69K Housing
  • Fast scanning rate: up to 10KHz

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