A range of tunnel solutions for any logistics application

Cognex Modular Vision Tunnels elevate the speed and efficiency of sortation, inbound receiving, and outbound logistics operations. These flexible scan tunnels offer 1–6-sided barcode reading and are scalable for various speeds and gaps, without sacrificing accuracy.  

These barcode scanning systems feature DataMan image-based barcode readers, which offer 99.9% read rates and mixed symbology decoding, and Edge Intelligence Tunnel Manager software for easy setup and advanced insights. 

Cognex Modular Vision Tunnels:

  • Increase throughput by decreasing gaps between items
  • Improve traceability by capturing more data than just the barcode
  • Reduce downtime with faster install times, easier maintenance, and less risk
  • Standard, modular structure with barcode reading and machine vision that adapts to your business needs 

Suitable for inbound, sortation, and outbound operations

Modular Vision Tunnels address a range of logistics applications, such as inbound receiving, high speed ship sorting, and outbound scanning within distribution centers. These scan tunnels serve both OEMs and end users, as well as industry segments including retail and e-commerce, airport baggage handling, and parcel and postal.

Features include:

  • Multi-code reading at any angle, speed, and box gap
  • 99.9% read rates and the fastest decoding capabilities, including mixed symbologies
  • Data captured on code location, quality, mil size, and more

Range of applications

A flexible, standard solution for a range of speeds and box gaps

Each Modular Vision Tunnel comes as a standard logistics solution with easy setup and deployment, including:

  • Multiple configuration options, including single, 3-, 5-, and 6-sided barcode reading
  • Flexible modules with the fewest readers to accommodate changes in application specs
  • Adjustable framing optimized to conveyor systems, including conveyor belt height and width, within a compact footprint
  • Option to incorporate vision tools with dimensioning capabilities to track multiple packages through the full field-of-view
Modular vision tunnels are easy to set up and allow for flexible configuration
A Modular Vision Tunnel that includes Edge Intelligence for more insights into tunnel operations

Advanced insights into logistics operations

Cognex Edge Intelligence Tunnel Manager provides tools to setup, monitor, and optimize Modular Vision Tunnels, including:

  • Tunnel Analytics: Collect, aggregate, and analyze data from multiple devices simultaneously for insights into tunnel performance, vendor compliance, and more to aid operational efficiency and revenue recovery initiatives.
  • Setup and Commissioning: Repeatable, reliable tunnel installation with the ability to validate performance before deployment.
  • Data Forwarding: Connect data over secure MQTT to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and SCADA systems such as Ignition to enhance your operation.

Unlock maximum performance with data & support

Customer Success Plans combine actionable data and flexible support options to ensure maximum performance and time to value with Cognex products and solutions.

All plans leverage Edge Intelligence, a software platform that offers robust analytics and delivers deeper insights into operations to inform data-driven business decisions.

Customer success reps help to support Cognex solutions on the phone and computer.


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