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Vision Software

VisionView Operator Interface Visual Inspection

This visualization option is available in four platforms

VisionView Platforms

VisionView 900 display panel
VisionView 900 display panel
VisionView 900 is a powerful, low-cost operator interface panel for adjusting vision tool parameters and regions of interest without requiring a PC on your factory floor.
  • Password-protected
  • Nine-inch/229mm touch screen
  • Use the LAN port with an external switch to connect up to nine systems
  • Two USB ports to save failed images or connect a mouse or keyboard
VisionView PC Software
VisionView PC software
Monitor and control the vision application with a licensed version of the VisionView software that can run on your PC. Take advantage of the VisionView application software with the flexibility of using your own choice of PC and monitor.
VisionView VGA adapter
VisionView VGA adapter
VisionView VGA provides the flexibility by allowing “control room” visual inspection without being limited by the size of the display.
  • VGA displays of different resolutions
  • Touch screen displays
VisionView CE-SL
VisionView CE-SL (software license for supported third-party CE panels)
On factory floors, space is always a concern. With VisionView simply use your existing CE panels and save your valuable space:
  • Rockwell PanelViewPlus
  • Siemens MP-Series, and
  • Advantech TPC Series CE Panels

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