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Offers 99% accuracy on difficult-to-read characters

Cognex OCRMax identification examples

OCRMax is a font-trainable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Verification (OCV) tool that offers 99% accuracy on difficult-to-read characters. It prevents misreads, handles process variations, and provides easy font management with minimal training. OCRMax achieves unprecedented read rates for OCR and OCV applications even under the most challenging conditions, while giving the customer the flexibility to optimize their system for speed, read rate, or a combination of both. This gives users the chance to optimize the OCR/OCV for millisecond character reads, 99.99% read rates, or anywhere in between.

OCRMax can:
  • Learn and read any printed font
  • Read text even when there is little contrast between type and background
  • Read text even when there is significant variation in width and height
  • Read text when letters are touching, skewed, and distorted
  • Differentiate between similar shapes, such as the letter “O” and the number “0”

Unlike other OCR reading tools, OCRMax technology includes an auto-tune capability. With a few clicks, auto-tune dramatically decreases the time it takes to set up the tool by acquiring a sample image and automatically training fonts and adjusting the tool to its optimal segmentation parameters.

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