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2DMax with PowerGrid

2D algorithm combines texture and shape for superior code reading

2DMax is a 2D code-reading algorithm that handles a wide range of degradations to 2D direct part mark (DPM) code quality. 2DMax with PowerGrid technology combines both textural and geometric data to reliably read low quality 2D codes, including codes with defective quiet zones and finder and clocking patterns. 2DMax offers exceptional 2D code read rates and robustness on the most difficult and degraded codes.

2DMax with PowerGrid can correctly read 2D codes when vital elements of the DataMatrix code are missing or damaged. A traditional vision-enabled barcode reader uses a shape-based algorithm to locate the finder and clocking patterns to determine the proper code orientation and module size for DataMatrix codes. When there is little to no quiet zone or when the finder pattern or clocking patterns are blocked or missing, a secondary texture-based algorithm is needed to locate and read the code. 2DMax combines shape-based pattern searches and texture-based analysis that looks at the scene and locates texture resembling data modules clustered together. Once it has found the modules, it then works to determine the size of the modules and the overall size of the DataMatrix code. Then, the traditional 2DMax code reading algorithms take over to read and decode the data.

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