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Find gaps and defects in straight, circular, and irregularly-shaped edges

InspectEdge edge inspection tool finding round edge defect

The InspectEdge tool solves vision applications that rely on accurate edge detection, such as finding dents in can lids or edge cracks in solar wafers. InspectEdge finds gaps and defects in straight, circular, and irregularly-shaped edges, and can inspect the width of features for gaps and defects by tracking multiple edge pairs. The tool’s graphical user interface makes it simple to set up an edge inspection, and also gives users more flexibility to define defect criteria such as size, area, and distance, and the ability to specify outliers in order to eliminate noise.

With InspectEdge, you can:
  • Track edge contours for minimum and maximum positions and width
  • Inspect edges and edge pairs for defects, gaps, and extreme points
  • Get line and circle fits to located edge points
  • Identify irregular paths

The InspectEdge tool finds defects around the edges of parts where normal defect detection tools cannot operate. It does all this by defining a region of interest, laying down calipers throughout the search region, and returning edge candidates for every caliper based on contrast and edge width. It also compensates for normal process variation and light intensity variation.

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