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Bead Inspection

BeadInspect is a customized inspection tool for beads and edges

Cognex software image inspecting glue bead lines

Automated glue bead inspection is critical in the automotive and electronics industries. More cars are being assembled using strong adhesives to increase car rigidity and strength. In the electronics industry, glue and epoxy are used to place and seal fine components within micron-accuracy tolerances.

BeadInspect is an all-in-one bead width and position inspection tool used to detect anomalies. BeadInspect offers a robust inspection of the bead line – even if bead size, shape, and appearance change over time. This is important when inspecting a freshly applied, wet or shiny RTV bead, or when the beads vary in location from part to part.

With BeadInspect, you can:
  • Easily train the bead path, with just a few clicks, using the PolyLine function
  • Find defects in beads that change or differ in shape 
  • Determine width based on defects and gaps 
  • Remove noise for increased robustness 

BeadInspect bead inspection tool
The BeadInspect tool can detect a number of bead defects.

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