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Vision Software

Cognex Industrial Cameras (CIC)

Designed for easy integration with Cognex vision software

Industrial cameras designed for Cognex vision software

The Cognex family of digital industrial cameras are designed for easy integration with Cognex vision software. These small, lightweight cameras in signature Cognex black and yellow show that you have the leading machine vision technology integrated into your system.

Cognex GigE Vision Cameras

GigE Vision is the most popular and proven data interface in the vision market. Cognex GigE Vision cameras benefit from GigE Vision market leadership and offer robust performance and a compact form factor at an affordable price. Cognex GigE cameras are available in area scan and VGA to 29 MP resolution formats.

Additional features include:
  • Global and rolling shutters
  • Precise sensor alignment
  • I/O flexibility with minimum delay and jitter for applications requiring exact timing
  • 3-year warranty
  • One cable solutions: Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Broad sensor portfolio: CMOS and CCD

Cognex Camera Link Cameras

Camera Link is the most broadly accepted high-bandwidth solution in factory automation. Cognex Camera Link industrial camera is ideally suited for high-resolution and high-speed machine vision applications that require very fast processing of large amounts of image data, such as fine defect inspection, precision alignment and measurement, and continuous process inspection.

Additional features include:
  • Next generation CMOS sensors
  • F-mount
  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL)
  • Digital I/O camera control signals (max. 4)
  • 3-year warranty

Model Comparison

Area Scan

Model Number Sensor Tech. Resolution Frame Rate Sensor Type Sensor Sensor Size Power Consumption Lens Mount Color / Mono

Rolling Shutter

CAM-CIC-5MR 5000R GigE 5MP 14fps CMOS Aptina MT9P031 1/2.5" 2.5W/2.2W C C, M
CAM-CIC-10MR GigE 10MP 10fps CMOS Aptina MT9J003 1/2.3" 3.3W/3.5W C C, M
CAM-CIC-12MR GigE 12MP 8fps CMOS Sony
1/1.7" 2.5W/2.9W C C, M

Global Shutter

CAM-CIC-1300 GigE 1.3MP 60fps CMOS e2v EV76C560 1/1.8" 2.4W/2.0W C C, M
CAM-CIC-2000-60 GigE 2MP 60fps CMOS e2v EV76C570 1/1.8" 2.1W/2.5W C M
CAM-CIC-4000 GigE 4MP 25fps CMOS CMOSIS CMV4000 1" 3.4W/2.9W C C, M
CAM-CIC-5000-20 GigE 5MP 23fps CMOS Sony IMX264 2/3" 2.4 W/2.8 W C C, M
CAM-CIC-2900-4 GigE 29MP 4fps CCD Truesense KAI-29050 35mm 6.6W @ 12VDC F M

Line Scan

Model Number Sensor Tech. Resolution Frame Rate Sensor Type Sensor Sensor Size Power Consumption Lens Mount Color / Mono
CAM-CIC-4KL-24M GigE 4K 24kHz CMOS Awaiba
N/A 4W F M
CAM-CIC-4KL-80 Camera Link 4K 80kHz CMOS Awaiba
N/A 4W F M

Hardware Options

CIC cameras are typically ordered with:

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