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In-sight 2000 Vision Sensor held by hand over digital blue ring

In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensors Applications

In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors deliver simple pass/fail results across a wide range of applications in multiple industries, including electronics, automotive, consumer products, and health and pharmaceuticals. Powerful vision tools deliver robust inspection results for parts in all shapes and sizes. Advanced models also provide numeric data output.


Edge Tool

Edge Tool: The presence of a rubber gasket attached to a molded plastic part is verified before an automated final assembly step.

Electronics - Rubber Gasket
Pixel Count Tool

Pixel Count Tool: The presence of a fiducial is used to verify that an integrated circuit has been soldered onto the PCB in the correct orientation. 

Electronics - Integrated Circuit
Pattern Tool

Pattern Tool: The dial on a thermostat is checked to confirm that it is in the correct position, which helps to ensure proper installation.

Electronics - Thermostat
Image Filters Tool

Image Filters: Image filters process images after acquisition in preparation for analysis.

Image Filters


Brightness Tool

Brightness Tool: A fuel filter assembly is inspected for the presence of an O-ring installed in the proper location before final packaging. 

Automotive - Fuel Filter
Color Pixel Count Tool

Color Pixel Count Tool: A wheel hub bearing is checked for the presence of quality control (QC) marks before moving to the next stage of assembly. The absence of the QC marks indicates that the hub bearing has not yet been inspected.

Automotive - Hub Bearing
Pixel Count Tool

Pixel Count Tool: A fuel bowl gasket is inspected to verify that all 13 through holes have been punched out. A missing hole will cause the part to fail. 

Automotive - Fuel Bowl Gasket

Food and Beverage

Edge Tool

Edge Tool: A bottle passes in front of the sensor, and both fill level and cap assembly are validated before the product is packaged. 

Food and Beverage - Bottle
Color Pixel Count Tool

Color Pixel Count Tool: A color pixel count tool verifies that the correct fruit snack flavor is present to ensure that it is packaged in the correct order. 

Food and Beverage - Fruit Snack

Consumer Products

Pattern Tool

Pattern Tool: A pattern counting tool is used in this example to inspect the carton and to verify that the correct number of staple strips have been added.

Consumer Products - Staples
Pixel Count Tool

Pixel Count Tool: A package of light bulbs is inspected to confirm that all 4 bulbs are present and that none of the bulbs are broken. 

Consumer Products - Light Bulbs

OCR and OCV: Font-trainable OCR and OCV (optical character recognition and verification) tool decodes alphanumeric characters using an auto-tune only version of the trusted OCRMax algorithm.


Health and Pharmaceuticals

Brightness Tool

Brightness Tool: A lotion bottle is checked to confirm that the pump dispenser is in the locked position before the bottle is packed into a carton. 

Pharmaceutical - Lotion
Color Pixel Count Tool

Color Pixel Count Tool: A shampoo bottle is inspected to confirm that the cap and bottle colors match.

Pharmaceutical - Shampoo
Brightness Tool

Brightness Tool: A blister pack is inspected to verify that all the capsules are present after sealing.

Pharmaceutical - Blister Pack
Blob Tool

Blob Tool: Blob tool or Color Blob tool detects 2D shapes within an image by identifying groups of pixels that fall into a grey-scale or color range, respectively.



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