Field interchangeable lighting, filters and optics deliver unmatched flexibility, making it easy to adapt to virtually any production line environment. Regardless of which powerful integrated light you need, the diffuse illumination technology provided by the In-Sight 2000 enables robust vision inspection anywhere you require it — without the need for costly external lighting.

  • In-Sight 2000 interchangeable lighting and filter options
    Lighting & Lens Filters

    A white LED ring light with diffuser cover is standard on most In-Sight 2000 models. Field interchangeable red, blue and IR ring lights and lens filters are also available.

  • In-Sight 2000 Accessories Lens options

    An 8 mm S-Mount/M12 lens is standard on most In-Sight 2000 models. Field interchangeable 3.6 mm, 6 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm S-Mount/M12 lens options are also available.

  • In-Sight 2000 Accessories
    I/O and Cables

    Network, power and I/O cables are available in several lengths. And when additional I/O is needed, the CIO-1400 I/O Expansion module extends the capabilities of In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors with 7 general purpose inputs and 8 outputs.

  • In-Sight 2000 Accessories Covers
    Light Covers

    An optional polarizer cover works with the white LED ring light to reduce undesirable reflections on shiny part surfaces. A clear cover is also available to increase image brightness in longer distance applications.

  • In-Sight 2000 Accessories mounting brackets
    Mounting Brackets

    Multiple brackets and adapters are available for mounting an In-Sight 2000 vision sensor at nearly any point of inspection on the production line. And IP670-rated enclosure is also available for installation in washdown areas and other harsh environments

  • In-Sight 2000 Accessories
    Power Supply

    A compact, DIN-rail mount 24 volt DC power supply is available.



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