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3D Laser Profilers

DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor

Fast, high definition vision system for acquiring images and inspecting products in 3D

DSMax Software VisionPro vision and the Cognex Designer graphical user interface

DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor Software

DSMax is equipped with VisionPro vision software and the Cognex Designer graphical user interface. This powerful software package allows complete vision applications to be built and deployed quickly, with access to the full VisionPro tool library.

VisionPro is the leading PC-based vision software for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET programming environment. It is designed to setup and deploy 2D and 3D vision applications—no matter the camera or frame grabber. With VisionPro, users can perform a wide range of functions, including:

  • Geometric object location
  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Measurement
  • Alignment

Cognex Designer is a graphical, flow-chart-based programming environment with an integrated HMI that breaks down application decisions into manageable tasks for easy to develop user interfaces with advanced functionality. Cognex Designer also:

  • Reduces development cycles
  • Enables easier application maintenance and support
  • Simplifies application development, and maintenance, without scripting or programming

DSMax Software VisionPro and Cognex Designer interface

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