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3D Area Scan Cameras

3D Area Scan Cameras

3D-A5000 Series Area Scan 3D Camera

Solves 3D applications with unmatched performance, accuracy, and ruggedness

3D-A5000 Area Scan 3D Camera Tools 

3D-A5000 comes equipped with Cognex proven and respected VisionPro 3D toolset for assembly verification, in-line measurement, and robotic guidance. The Cognex Designer integrated development environment simplifies application setup and reduces deployment time. 

PatMax 3D Tool

3D-A5000 PatMax 3D tool

PatMax 3D is an image-based training tool, used to find the orientation of one or more parts in 3D space in relation to a similar reference part. PatMax 3D is ideal for object location for robotic guidance applications and allows additional tools to perform measurements accurately regardless of object fixturing.

Height Calculator Tool

3D-A5000 height calculator tool

The Height Calculator tool provides the height of an object in real world units based on a reference plane.

Volume Calculator Tool

3D-A5000 volume calculator tool

The Volume Calculator tool collects volumetric data from a 3D image providing a precise volume of an object laying on a specific surface.

Cross Section Tool

3D-A5000 cross section tool 

The Cross Section tool takes a slice of the image and measures the profile over that region for dimensional inspection.

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