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In-Sight Explorer Software

Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allows you to program solutions for your own optical inspection applications

In-Sight Explorer Software Features

Ease-of-use is built into the heart of In-Sight vision systems starting with easy to use but powerful vision tools and In-Sight Explorer software interface. A spreadsheet view makes the user experience very simple for maximum control over your optical inspection applications. The In-Sight Explorer software also includes an EasyBuilder configuration environment for deploying reliable applications quickly, with no programming required.

PatMax and PatFlex

Part location: PatMax

Locate parts in varying locations reliably and accuratelyUtilizes patented geometric pattern matching technology to locate parts under difficult conditionsSimplifies mechanical fixturing and lighting, making vision projects easier and less expensive to implement


OCR/OCV (Optical Character Recognition): OCRMax

Verify and read alphanumeric text strings Achieve highest read rates on challenging print Handles throughput of the fastest production lines Easy to maintain and update with unique Auto-Tune feature


Industrial code reading: 1DMax, 2DMax+

Read 1-D and 2-D codes on labels or directly marked on parts Achieve industry –leading read rates. Easily decode barcodes omnidirectionally Handle extreme variations in mark quality

Extract Color and Match Color

Color inspection: ExtractColor and MatchColor

Sort, Identify, Match and Verify colors of your product Identify the correct color(s), in the correct location(s) on your part with Color ID Match and Sort product based on trained colors Verify the consistency and uniformity of color from product to product Isolate specific colors to create a high contrast color image for ease of inspection


Defect detection: InspectEdge, Bead Finder, and Bead Tracker

Find gaps, width variation and defects along edges Classify defects by total area, length, or depth Easily configured for straight, circular, or non-uniform edges Robustly measure min/max deviations and widths

Flexible Flaw Detection

Flaw detection: Flexible Flaw Detection (FFD) and Surface Flaw Detection (SFD)

Find edge and area-based defects on products Detect surface flaws and print defects Compensate for normal process variation and light intensity variation Detect discoloration and defects on color images

Geometry tools

Measurement: Geometry tools, Edge detection, and Caliper

Large Variety of Geometric tools to choose from for your high precision measurements Choose from a variety of Geometric measurement tools for ease of setup Allows for high-accuracy gauging despite changes in part orientation and ambient lighting

Image Filtering Tools

Image Optimization: Calibration, Image Filter Tools, Scene Correction

Remove unwanted effects from the environment for repeatable inspection Advanced Calibration to remove effects of perspective distortion(lens tilt) and lens distortion (rounding of outside corners of image) Correct uneven lighting or shading from your image for a clean clear image to work with Filter out unwanted or confusing backgrounds to highlight the part to be inspected Filter out all colors except for the one(s) you want for easy detection and inspection

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