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Machine Vision

In-Sight 9902L Line Scan Vision System

Self-contained vision system for inspecting large, cylindrical, and continuously moving objects

In-Sight 9902L Series Accessories 

In-Sight 7000 C-Mount

C-mount lens

Manually-adjusted, high-performance lens offers the most flexibility in terms of lens size, aperture and focus. Provides even resolution throughout the entire field of view, making this the most widely-used lens type.

insight 9000 IP67-rated C-mount lens cover

C-Mount Lens Cover

Standard and extended C-mount lens covers available for use when no integrated lighting module is required. For larger format cameras, such as the In-Sight 7905 5MP camera or the In-Sight 9902 2K line scan camera, a larger cover can be used to allow for wider and longer lens options. These covers are used for C-mount lens only and not compatible with integrated lighting or autofocus modules. If using the Integrated lighting module, optional polarizing and clear (without diffuser) covers are also available.

In-Sight 7000 Cables


X-coded, power I/O and external light cables available.

In-Sight I/O Module

I/O Modules

The I/O Breakout Module provides easy connection of In-Sight systems to power, acquisition triggers, outputs, and serial devices. I/O Expansion Modules increase the number of I/O points available to In-Sight systems, and provide full RS-232 handshaking.

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