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In-Sight 9000 Vision Systems

In-Sight 9000 Vision Series Specifications

9912 9912C 9902L
Min. Firmware 5.6.1 PR1 5.7 5.7
Image Type Monochrome Color Monochrome
Imager Type 1.1 inch CMOS (3.45 μm² pixels) 1 inch CMOS (7 μm² pixels)
Image Resolution 12 MP (4096 x 3000) 32MP (2048 x 16384 software configurable) or 16MP ( 1024 x 16384 software configurable)
Acquisition Speed (Max) 14 fps 8 fps 66 K lines per second (15us per line)
Memory File Storage 7.2 GB non-volatile flash (jobs), 8 GB Micro SD card (jobs, images, data)
Processing 832 MB SDRAM
Options Lenses C-mount
Lighting External lights via light control connector N/A
Vision Tools PatMax®, PatMax RedLine™
I/O Network (1) Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Built-in (1) Trigger, (1) General Purpose IN, (2) General Purpose OUT, (2) Bi-directional IN/OUT (1) Trigger, (1) General Purpose IN, (2) General Purpose OUT, (2) encoder line inputs for quadrature support
Expansion CIO-MICRO, CIO‌-1400
Protocols General TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, SFTP, Telnet, SMTP, RS-232
Industrial OPC UA, EtherNet/IP with AOP, PROFINET Class B, iQSS, Modbus TCP, SLMP/SLMP Scanner, IEEE 1588 (CIP Sync), Rockwell Add-On Profile, CC-Link IE Field Basic
Mechanical Dimensions 53.4mm (2.10in) x 60.5mm (2.38in) x 121.0mm (4.77in)
Weight 400 g
Protection IP67 with C-mount lens cover
Power 24 VDC
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