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Machine Vision

In-Sight 9000 Vision Systems

Rugged, ultra-high-resolution, standalone smart cameras for detailed inspections and measurements

In-Sight Explorer Software

The In-Sight 9000 vision system uses In-Sight Explorer software with EasyBuilder to set up and monitor machine vision inspections on a mobile, platform independent visualization. A simple point-and-click interface allows customers to build interactive, web-based HMIs remotely accessible via a web browser over the network. Operators can view inspections, controls engineers can modify parameters, and plant managers can review performance statistics.

Easy Set-Up with In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder Interface

In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder is an intuitive interface that guides operators through a step-by-step setup process to quickly configure vision applications without any required programming. With EasyBuilder, even novice vision users can easily set up, configure, and install a vision sensor.

Ultimate Control with Spreadsheet

While many applications can be solved using the point-and-click EasyBuilder interface, users can access the In-Sight spreadsheet for direct access to the vision tools and communication options. Access to the spreadsheet provides programming flexibility to make essential adjustments and offers assurance that you will be able to solve any vision application.

IS9000 Software

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