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Machine Vision

Machine Vision

In-Sight 5000 series Vision Systems

Rugged, industrial cameras for high performance machine vision applications

In-Sight 5000 Specifications

Size 5xxx: 52 mm x 41.4 mm x 61.4mm
Housing IP67 (NEMA 6); Die-cast aluminum
Connectors Industrial M12 connectors
Optics C-mount
Integrated Lighting Ring Type -Dark Field: Red / White and Bright Field Red / White; Integrated power and control for external lights

Model specifications

Model Speed Image Capture Rate (FPS) Resolution (in pixels) User Interface Vision Tools
In-Sight 5403 12x 15 1600 x 1200 Eb Ex E X I P
In-Sight 5400C 8x 60 640 x 480 Ex Eb C E P X I
In-Sight 5400 12x 60 640 x 480 Eb Ex E X I P
In-Sight 5100C 4x 60 640 x 480 Eb Ex C E X I P
In-Sight 5100 4x 60 640 x 480 E X I P
In-Sight 5410 12x 60 640 x 480 Eb Ex I
In-Sight 5413 12x 15 1600 x 1200 Ex Eb I
In-Sight 5110 4x 60 640 x 480 Ex Eb I
  1. Speed rating compared to In-Sight Micro 1020 model and does not include image capture rate. The 5604 and 5614 models have acquisition speed rated in lines per second.
  2. Image Capture Rate is based on minimum exposure, and a full image frame capture.
  3. User Interface:
    Ex:  In-Sight Explorer spreadsheet programming environment
    Eb:  EasyBuilder interface
  4. Supported Tools:
    C:  Color model available (color tool sets vary).
    E:  Essential Tool Set includes: blob, edge, curve and line finding, histogram and geometry tools, image filters, pattern matching, and standard calibration.
    X:  Extended Tool Set includes: non-linear calibration and caliper tool. PatMax® option available.
    P:  PatMax available.
    I:  ID Tool Set includes: 1-D/2-D barcode reading and verification, text reading and verification (OCR/OCV) and image filters.

Support Documentation

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