In-Sight 2800 is programmed using the EasyBuilder interface within the In-Sight Vision Suite. With its point-and-click training, EasyBuilder is ideal for setting up jobs, from simple to complex. The intuitive process guides developers step-by-step through setup — from image capture to the final result and beyond — allowing both new and experienced users to configure vision applications.

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EasyBuilder software interface showing inspection of electrical connector

EasyBuilder simplifies setup and delivers rapid turnaround

With its point-and-click programming, the EasyBuilder® interface within In-Sight Vision Suite is ideal for setting up simple or common jobs. The intuitive process guides developers step-by-step through setup—from image capture to the final result and beyond—allowing both new and experienced users to configure reliable vision applications.

EasyBuilder point-and-click training environment showing inspection application

Spreadsheet facilitates deployment of advanced applications

The spreadsheet interface is ideal for building advanced and highly customized applications. Robust in design, this development environment provides users with the ability to make critical adjustments to job parameters, without the need for programming. It enables you to quickly set up and run jobs and continue to adapt applications as your requirements evolve.

Spreadsheet development environment showing classification application

In-Sight 2800 is also embedded with a full suite of traditional and edge learning vision tools that solve a variety of error-proofing applications. The extensive library accommodates all skill levels by providing access to industry-proven, rule-based algorithms, such as Measure Distance, Pixel Count, Count Patterns and Math and Logic Tools, as well as innovative, easy-to-use ViDi EL tools.

Using a pre-trained set of AI-based algorithms, ViDi EL tools solve complex applications, like advanced segmentation and classification, in minutes. Training is simple, requiring as few as 5 to 10 images per class and delivering fast, reliable results in real-time – no programming or AI expertise needed.

five images of four different gears labeled with ViDi EL overlays

ViDi EL Classify

The ViDi EL Classify tool uses edge learning to automatically identify and sort objects into classes based on multiple defect types or user-defined features. Within the same class of objects, this advanced classifier is capable of discerning visually similar, but different objects. From as simple as OK/NG all the way to classifying parts with variation, ViDi EL Classify can be used to detect errors for a wide range of products.

ViDi EL Read

The ViDi EL Read tool deciphers a variety of text and font types using advanced optical character recognition (OCR). It reads multi-line text, as well as characters against challenging backgrounds, including reflective, low-contrast, and non-flat surfaces. ViDi EL Read can also be quickly redeployed to handle new text and accommodate process variations. With minimal training required, the tool simplifies job setup and delivers fast, accurate character reading.

ViDi EL read


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