In-Sight 2800 makes vision simple across all industries, automating a wide range of applications through modular hardware and an extensive tool set. With unmatched ease of use, this industry-agnostic solution is accessible to all skill levels, regardless of prior vision or programming experience.

Automotive and EV

Gasket Quality Check

Verify whether gaskets are good or bad based on presence/absence of defects.

In-Sight 2800 vision sensor checking automotive gaskets

Ball Bearing Check

Confirm presence/absence of ball bearings within wheel bearing rings to ensure proper assembly.

In-Sight 2800 vision sensor inspecting ball bearings

Connector Insertion Check

Confirm correct insertion of connectors in wiring harnesses.

Part Identification

Decipher hard-to-read text etched on metal components.
Edge learning read tool deciphers text etched on metal automotive part

Consumer Packaged Goods

Scent Classification

Identify different scents on bars of soap to ensure the correct scent is attached to the packaging.

Air Freshener Quality Check

Detect presence/absence of sealing caps on air fresheners.

In-Sight 2800 vision sensor checking seal on air fresheners

Label Detection

Check for torn, poorly oriented, or incorrectly placed labels.

In-Sight 2800 vision sensor inspecting labels on bottles of laundry detergent


PCB Component Check

Classify boards as good/bad based on missing, damaged, or incorrect components.

Food and Beverage

Bottle Seal Check

Verify bottles are properly sealed and classify them as pass/fail.

In-Sight 2800 vision sensor checking seal on water bottle caps

Serving Scoop Detection

Determine whether a scoop is present, missing or if there are multiples in the packaging.

Soup Can Code Reading

Read expiration dates, even on curved surfaces, to verify freshness and prevent consumer recalls.
Edge learning read tool read expiration date on side of soup can


Blister Pack Quality Check

Detect presence/absence of pills in blister pack to ensure completeness.

Vaccine Label Inspection

Verify expiration dates and lot codes to ensure vaccine efficacy and regulatory compliance.
Edge learning read tool deciphers expiration date and lot codes on side of vaccine vial


Packaging Traceability

Read codes and text on a variety of package types to ensure proper routing and prevent rework.
Edge learning read tool reads code and tracking information on side of box


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