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Machine Vision

Manufacturers can speed production, minimize defects and reduce costs with machine vision technologies

With nearly one million machine vision systems installed, Cognex is the world's most trusted machine vision company. We have the people, experience, and knowledge to ensure the machine vision technologies you deploy do exactly the job you need to Make It Right for your customers.


Cognex 2D & 3D Vision Solutions

Vision Sensors

Ideal for solving error-proofing applications; set new standards for value, ease of use and flexibility 

Vision Systems

Self-contained with lighting, lens, I/O, advanced communications, fast image acquisition and software tools

3D Laser Profilers

Measure single profiles in real-world units or scan entire surfaces in 3D

3D Area Scan Cameras

Captures 3D images for assembly verification, in-line measurement, and robotic guidance applications.

Vision Software


PC-based vision software for the most challenging 2D and 3D vision applications

VisionPro ViDi

Deep learning-based image analysis for complex cosmetic inspection, classification, and OCR

Cognex Designer

Integrated development environment for use with VisionPro to complete projects faster without MS Developer Studio

Cognex Vision Library (CVL)

Vision tool library provides ultimate platform flexibility for OEMs and developers

Vision Hardware

Industrial cameras, vision controllers, frame grabbers, and I/O acquisition for complete hardware independence

Vision Tools

Cognex’s patented algorithms solve diverse applications in virtually all manufacturing and logistics industry sectors

OEM Machine Vision Solutions

OEM Vision and ID Systems

Compact, enclosed systems with customizable optics, lighting and Ethernet communications

Image Engines

Small form factors for tight integration deep inside OEM devices manufactured in high volumes


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