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Leading Technology

Leading Technology

Barcode Reading Technologies

Quick and Powerful Barcode Reading for Auto ID Applications

DPM barcode reading

Image-based industrial barcode reading in DPM identification applications is an increasingly important part of manufacturing processes: components manufacturing, part-level identification in traditional direct part mark (DPM) industries, document handling and sorting, track and trace for consumer products, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, to name a few.

Reliable ID reader technology can increase efficiencies throughout such manufacturing processes by providing complete cradle to grave traceability. By replacing your laser barcode scanners, you can increase throughput and lower costs by:
  • Facilitating inventory management
  • Error proofing assembly process
  • Enabling efficient containment strategies
  • Tracking process control and product quality information
  • Quantifying process bottlenecks
  • Complying with industry guidelines and standards

The basic process in reading codes is to 1) illuminate the code, 2) locate the code, and 3) extract the data. This is easy when codes are printed cleanly—a black code on a white background. But in reality, most codes are more challenging to read:


Cognex ID readers are optimized to ensure continuously high read rates of 1D and 2D symbologies in the most challenging DPM and label-based identification applications. An unreadable code may stop production, and can result in the part not being processed correctly. The robust code reading algorithms combined with optimized image formation, deliver the industry’s most reliable code reading.

The Power of IDMax® software results in breakthrough Data Matrix code reading based on patented Cognex PatMax® technology. IDMax handles a wide range of degradations to code appearance that result from dramatic degradations in DPM code quality due to differences in material types and surfaces. IDMax is available with the DataMan® 100/200X, 750 and all 7500 series models as well as the In-Sight® ID reader vision systems, 5110, 5410 and 5610.


The Speed of IDQuick software allows fast, high-performance reading of high-quality 1D and 2D codes, as well as low contrast codes on uniform backgrounds. All DataMan models incorporate the IDQuick decoding software.

7500_front In addition to the algorithms described above,the DataMan 7500 handheld readers have built-in UltraLight® illumination which provides optimal lighting for all mark types and surfaces.


Quadrant_control Diffuse_bright_field Diffuse_off-axis

Dark field illumination for dot peen and laser DPM

Quadrant control for machined surfaces

Diffuse bright field illumination for labels and marks having good contrast

Diffuse off-axis illumination for curved surfaces and highly-reflective surfaces


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