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Cognex Handheld Barcode Readers

Handheld Barcode Readers

DataMan 8050 Series Handheld Barcode Reader

High-speed performance, even with challenging barcodes

DataMan 8050 Series Handheld Barcode Reader Models and Specifications

The DataMan 8050 series is available in two models, both with corded and wireless options:
  • DataMan 8050. Designed to decode challenging 1-D and 2-D label-based codes.
  • DataMan 8050X/8050HDX. Designed to decode challenging 2-D DPM codes with near/far integrated LED illumination.

DataMan 8050 DataMan 8050X DataMan 8050HDX
1-D & Stacked Barcodes Yes
2-D Codes Yes
Algorithms 2DQuick, 1DMax, Hotbars 2DMax, 1DMax, Hotbars, PowerGrid
Image Sensor 752 x 480 global shutter
Trigger Handle trigger, presentation
Status Outputs LED, beeper
Aimer Centralized LED aimer
Lens Options Fixed focus
Lighting Integrated LED with near/far optics
Communication Serial module: RS-232, USB
Ethernet module: TCP/IP, FTP, industrial protocols: Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, MC Protocol, ModBus TCP
Intelligent base station: RS-232, USB, Ethernet, Industrial Protocols (optional)
Bluetooth module communicates to intelligent base station
Wi-Fi module communicates to intelligent Wi-Fi base station
Dimensions 210 mm x 155 mm x 85 mm
Depth of Field 7 mil 2-D Code: Up to 40 mm
10 mil 2-D Code: Up to 80 mm
6 mil Code39: Up to 90 mm
4 mil 2-D Code: Up to 55 mm
5 mil 2-D Code: Up to 75 mm
Protection IP-65

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