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Fixed-mount Barcode Readers

DataMan 300/360 Series Barcode Readers

Versatile, high performance barcode readers for all applications

DataMan 300/360 Series Applications

The DataMan 300/360 series of barcode readers can be used for 1-D and 2-D applications in factory automation and the logistics, postal, and parcel industries. Read multiple codes and mixed-codes (1-D & 2-D) simultaneously. Several common barcode reading applications include:

Slow Moving Barcodes
Read 1-D barcodes on products that are stopped, slow moving, or presented by hand to the barcode reader.
Fast Moving Barcodes
1-D: Read fast moving 1-D barcodes, including those on ultra fast beverage or food production lines.
2D Barcodes
2-D: Read challenging direct part marked (DPM) codes on virtually any surface (glass, metal, ceramic, plastic).
2D Barcodes
2-D: Read stopped, hand presented, or moving 2-D codes printed on labels.

Featured Customer Success Story: Warsteiner Brewery, Germany

DataMan® barcode readers from Cognex are used to read the challenging barcodes that are affixed to the kegs. The DataMan 302X was robust enough to read the reflective 2-D codes on labels that are soaking wet and wrinkled. The application read rate went from 92% to 100%! This eliminated the need for the complex manual re-weighing step in Warsteiner's process.

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