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Fixed-mount Barcode Readers

DataMan 300/360 Series Barcode Readers

Versatile, high performance barcode readers for all applications

DataMan 300/360 Series Accessories

DataMan 300 ImageMax technology

ImageMax technology is specifically designed to read challenging DPM codes on a variety of round, reflective or specular surfaces using a combination of cross polarized and co-linear polarized LEDs and a high powered 24 mm lens with liquid lens technology. ImageMax technology auto focuses to read small codes at variable working distances and provides even illumination to reliably read hard to read DPM codes. The one-piece, ESD-safe metal housing simplifies installation and prevents equipment damage. 

DataMan 300 Optics

Optics Cognex offers multiple optics choices for the DataMan 300 including C-mount, S-mount and liquid lens.

DataMan 300 Lighting


The DataMan 300 series offers a full range of external lighting to customize your application, as well as red (standard and polarized), infrared (IR), white and blue modular lighting.

DataMan 300 I/O Module

I/O module

The Cognex I/O module connects directly to the DataMan 300 series via a standard M12 I/O cable. It powers a typical system of barcode reader, sensors and Illumination and is a self-contained 24VDC power supply.

DataMan 300 Xpand


With patent pending Xpand technology, the field-of-view for a single DataMan 300 can be increased by more than 50%. Xpand technology enables retail distribution, parcel and postal applications to be solved using fewer readers, which simplifies project installation and setup time and reduces overall cost. Xpand is available in 15" and 25" widths for the DataMan 300 series.

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