DataMan 280 series barcode readers leverage patented decoding algorithms and imaging technology to deliver unparalleled read rates for 1D and 2D label-based codes, as well as DPMs.

1DMax with Hotbars

1DMax software identifying difficult 1D codes

1DMax with Hotbars is optimized for omnidirectional 1D barcode reading, decoding low resolution codes up to 10X the speed of a conventional barcode reader.

2DMax with PowerGrid

Damaged and obscured two dimensional codes.

2DMax with PowerGrid is designed to read 2D codes (including QR codes) with significant damage to or complete elimination of a code’s finder or clocking pattern, or quiet zone.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR readability vs target source and conventional sensor

HDR technology uses the latest CMOS image sensor, which is more detailed than conventional sensors, enhancing image quality and contrast.

High Speed Liquid Lens (HSLL)

DM280 HSLL, high speed liquid lens example of different height parcels

HSLL technology dynamically autofocuses without any mechanical parts to solve high-speed, high-variability applications with fewer cameras in less time.

DataMan Setup Tool

DataMan-Setup-Tool example shown on monitor

DataMan Setup Tool software provides intelligent auto-tuning and application assistants to quickly optimize complex parameters with ease.

Cognex Edge Intelligence

preview on monitor using Edge-Intelligence

Cognex Edge Intelligence provides advanced Industry 4.0 features like web browser connectivity, device management, and performance monitoring.



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