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DataMan 150/260 Series Fixed-mount Barcode Readers

High-speed reading of the most challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes

DataMan 150/260 Series Barcode Reader Applications

The DataMan 150/260 fixed-mount barcode readers can be used for multiple 1-D and 2-D applications in factory automation. Read multiple codes and mixed-codes (1-D & 2-D) simultaneously. Several common barcode reading applications include:

1-D: Read 1-D barcodes on products that are stopped, slow moving, or presented by hand to the barcode reader.
1-D: Read fast moving 1-D barcodes, including those on ultra fast beverage or food production lines.
2-D: Read challenging direct part marked (DPM) codes on virtually any surface (glass, metal, ceramic, plastic)
2-D: Read moving or printed 2-D codes on labels.

Featured Customer Success Story: Netflix, USA

DataMan® barcode readers from Cognex are used to read barcodes on DVD returns at the rate of 3,600 mailers per hour! Paul Johnson, Director of Operations Support, Netflix Inc. stated, "Since go-live, this project has exceeded our expectations in all areas. Having automation to check that the correct disc is in the right sleeve has had a measureable impact on our customer satisfaction. The reliability of the DataMan has been excellent…"

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