Print and Apply Internal Tracking - Inbound Logistics

Many retail distributors and fulfillment facilities routinely handle a variety of package types, from normal boxes, to poly bags, to odd-shaped items which are not considered “cuboidal” or box-like. Based on the shape, type of packaging, and contents, many of these items require special handling during the inbound conveyance process or they may need to be stored in a specific place in the warehouse based on sell-through. For these reasons, warehouse management systems need to categorize goods so they can be both handled and stored correctly. Capturing and recording dimensional data as well as type of packaging helps make this process more efficient. In the absence of this information, operators must manually key this information into the system, which adds time and cost to the process. Automated categorization systems exist, but many are bulky, expensive, and hard to use which can be a deterrent to adoption.

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